Rick Ross Is Ready To Bring Lions To The Promise Land: “My Pet Cats”

The Promise Land continues to expand.
If anyone is going to make their dreams come true, it’s Rick Ross. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the rapper do everything from bringing two massive buffalo to come live with him at his Atlanta estate to achieving his longtime goal of hosting his very own car show at The Promise Land, during which he gave out diamond chains to top prize winners.

Not long after wrapping up the event that took over his massive property, the father of four has hopped on Instagram to tease the possibility of adding some more creatures to his collection – big cats.

Rick Ross
Michael Reaves/Getty Images

On Thursday, May 26th Rozay uploaded two clips to his feed, the first of which showed a lion and lioness snuggling up together out in the wild. A man then walks behind the animals and says to the camera, “Yo, Rick Ross! You want some big cats at The Promise Land? They are ready for you, big cat, they are ready.”

The animals didn’t seem to argue, calmly sitting beside one another. In the next video, we see the four-legged pair walking alongside the man. “Rick Ross, they are ready for you,” he says again, mounting the lion as if to ride him before the clip ends.

“My pet cats ready to come home,” he wrote in the caption, adding #ThePromiseLandZoo. Could the Richer Than I Ever Been hitmaker be considering turning his residence into a permanent business where locals and tourists can come to see all his animals and vehicles more regularly? It’s possible!

While we don’t know exactly what Rick Ross is planning, we did get to sit down with the 46-year-old for our latest digital cover story.


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