Rick Ross Struggles To Walk In New Balmain Sneakers

Rick Ross

ick Ross chose form over function.

Rick Ross isn’t afraid to spend big money on things that may not be very practical. He has talked about bringing lions—or as he calls them, “my pet cats”— to the Promise Land. He purchased a Louis Vuitton tank to bring to his car show. The list goes on.

Now, he’s bought some pricey sneakers, and it’s not clear whether he’s really able to walk in them. In a new video, Ross slowly makes his way down a long hallway in Balmain sneakers.

To be fair to both Ross and Balmain, the rapper is only wearing the shoe on one foot, so it’s a bit uneven. But it’s evident that the thick sole of the sneaker is giving him some difficulty. “What kind of shoe is that?” The cameraman implores. The answer: a Balmain neoprene and leather Unicorn low-top sneaker, which goes for $1,295 on the market. Ross wears a neon green bucket hat to match.

Even if Ross might have buyer’s remorse, it seems like the shoes won’t make much of a dent in his bank account. The rapper recently bought a car for $150K in cash from a Promise Land event attendee. He posted a video of the purchase, and wrote, “WHEN THE BOSS SAYS HE WANTS IT HE GOES AND GET IT!!!” The boss has also been generous with his financial advice. He’s repeatedly advised investors to stay away from cryptocurrency, claiming it goes against a motto he lives by: “If you can’t touch it, don’t do it.” Sure enough, the crypto market crashed hard. “Man, I just woke up, and I heard the NFT market crashed 92 percent, I hope that wasn’t cause of my post, was it?” Responded Ross. “Somebody from NFT call me and tell me the s**t crashed on its own, and Rozay ain’t responsible.”

Here’s to hoping Ross is able to break his new sneakers in.


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