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Romeich Major Shows Off His Real Life “Dolly” While Promoting Shenseea’s New Song

Romeich is showing off his real life dolly while doing the promotional round for Shenseea’s new single.

Shenseea dropped her new song on Sunday, and fans have been raving as the song “Dolly” has racked up 438K views since being dropped within the last 24 hours. The song is taking social media by storm as girls who regard themselves as Dolly show before and after they put themselves together.

Among those who are partaking in the challenge is Romeich Major, Shenseea’s local manager, who took the time to not only promote the song but reveal his current girlfriend.

“If you proud a you dolly me want see the man [them] weh proud enuff fi post them woman,” Romeich says to his male fans.

Romeich, however, added a curious bit that left fans speechless.

“See my real life dolly yah,” as he tagged a YouTuber Shacqueal. “She repping @shenseaa song #dolly produce by @romeichentertainment and @Chimneyrecords,” Romeich said.


Romeich received several compliments for the stunning beauty that is his girlfriend, Shacqueal Witter.

It’s unclear, however, if the girlfriend that Romeich is showing off now is his baby mother. The entertainment manager recently welcomed a baby girl, Skye Major, who recently turned six months. While he has finally decided to share his daughter’s image with the world, the identity of the baby’s mother remains a mystery.

The baby’s Instagram account, however, only follows three women- Shenseea, who is her Godmother, Shacqueal Witter, and her grandmother, Major’s mother.

In the meantime, the dolly beauty is also a popular Tik Tok and YouTube sensation known for her hilarious hilarious videos and she has more than 100K followers on Instagram.

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