Shenseea Shares She Is Still Hurting Over Her Mom’s Death

Shenseea and Mom

Shenseea is still hurting over her mom’s untimely death.

It’s never easy losing a loved one, and Dancehall celebrities are no exception to that rule. In a heartfelt post, Shenseea opened up to her fans about the fact that she is still processing the loss of her mother. She shared her feelings on Instagram yesterday, November 3.

In her latest post, she put up a short clip of her mom, where she presented her mom with flowers and a present. She captioned the clip of her smiling mother: “Mommy, some days are really just harder than some ?? I’ve never met my father but oh how you used to boast about him spoiling you and just when I got the chance to do so.. you’re now gone! Swear I feel lost sometimes.. smh ?.” That post has been viewed over 500, 000 times as fans show their appreciation for what the singer is dealing with right now.

Shenseaa and her mother were very close and often shared social media videos that showed their deep love for each other. In May this year, the “Blessed” singer shared her rags-to-riches story by taking fans on a visit to her childhood home at a time when she had very little.–i/?utm_source=ig_embed

“Mommy was a single parent and worked and lived in jobs so during high school years I moved back and forth between relatives just to get a place to stay…. then drop out a college ( financial problems)”, Shenseea said of her humbled beginnings with her mom.

They seemed to share such a close relationship because she has never met her father, who is Korean, and left when her mother was just six months pregnant,

In another post in which she put up two pictures, she said: “It’s been a long while but i still miss you fr!.” That was posted two days ago, November 2. More than 300, 000 of her fans reacted to that post.

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