Sho Madjozi gets drunk after drinks with Da L.E.S – Video

South Africa’s Award-winning musician Sho Madjozi was the latest guest to appear on rapper Da L.E.S’s podcast, “Posted with Da L.E.S and Friends”, and viewers have since had plenty to say about the interview.

During the casual set-up, Da L.E.S and Sho Madjozi sipped on alcoholic drinks. Da L.E.S smoked marijuana while the two friends had a good old catch-up.

A clip of the interview has now made its way onto Twitter. In the one-minute, 25-second clip in particular, Sho Madjozi is seen talking to Da L.E.S about her yet-to-be-released children’s book, “ShoMa and the Stars”.

Sho Madjozi

The musician shows Da L.E.S the cover of the book and starts musing about the nose of the book’s protagonist. “Please can you look at how cute the nose is,” she says.

Sho Madjozi can be heard slightly slurring her words and is a tad inebriated.

In one tweet, the “Huku” hitmaker revealed how Da L.E.S invited her for “a nice wholesome interview over a few drinks” and three hours later she was obsessing over the nose of the book’s main character.

The clip has sparked a debate over whether Sho Madjozi should have talked about her children’s book while in an environment where there was alcohol and marijuana.

“I know some found this funny. To each his own. Where was Sho’s manager? Why didn’t anyone from her team stop this? It’s a children’s book. She is clearly inebriated. Why would anyone in that room think it’s ok for her to plug a kids’ book in this setup,” tweeted @PhilMphela.

Not everyone agrees with Mphela, though. Some argued it was not the big deal he was making it out to be.

@TeeTouchza said: “Its not that deep. Im sure you’d lose your mind if you saw drinks and champs podcast where bigger stars than sho madjozi drink and smoke LIVE.”

Others argued that, considering how influential Sho Madjozi is among children (who can forget how she had little girls across the country doing their hair in colourful braids like hers?), this was not the right move.

The video sparked quite a debate, with some social media users not finding anything wrong with her speaking about her children’s book while under the influence, and others saying kids weren’t watching Da L.E.S’s podcast anyway.

@TSanele26 said: “There is nothing wrong with this. Kids that have responsible parents have no access to this kind of content, which is meant for adults.”

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