Shocking response of Angela Nwosu as she’s being dragged for duping her ex husband


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Shocking response of Angela Nwosu as she’s being dragged for duping her ex husband.

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The popular self acclaimed digital ogbanje Angela Nwosu has been continually dragged on facebook after her daughters first birthday in which an estate company was given to the baby as a gift by her and her husband.

The estate company which is still under construction was given 90days to be fully constructed. This actually raised a great uproar amongst facebookers as everyone keeps a crossed hand await the unveiling day

Haters were not left behind as many began to dig into her past life, they unvieled that she was once married to a rich businessman whom she allegedly duped and sent back to the trenches.

With the whole dragging, Angela Nwosu seems not to be moved as she came out openly on her page and asked everyone to believe everything they heard and will hear about her.

“Angela Nwosu don cast. She has been exposed. She has been arrested. Fake petition here and there. Efcc is looking for her. Police have arrested her, even Nafdac. Soundmind has left her. Una mami is depressèd. She will deaćtivate from Facebook yesterday. Have you heard the latest? 😦 Oh chim o. Ogunu? 🤣

Facebook mob, if you allow them, they will chase you out of Facebook. You see me? We d!e here. What 90 days estate project can not do, does not exist. My skin is thicker than all the hungry trolls put together. As long as I get money pass them, that’s all that matters. Facebook is just an app. Most popular of them all, goes no where. 😋

Once again, believe everything you read about me in the past, in present, and the one you will read about me in future. Gather them all, spread and deposit in your account for your next rent. I will never shalaya for jealous and bittèr people. If I wasn’t doing well, I won’t be the regular topic. There are millions of Facebook users in Nigeria, only Angela Nwosu trends, cast and exposed every month and every year.

Both the lies and truth, Yes, I did them all. Ntooor 😋”

My give aways will never stop, my doings will never stop, and to the main koko of the gist, I will never stop selling my spiritual products. Run kitikiti, and rest, na we still dey here.

Una don try everything, including deàth threats on this same Facebook, e remain make una come mùrder me for my sleep, as I no gree d!e. Isi ekwe onwu. 😂

If I don’t trend every week, who will? Next week, I will trend again. 😋 Sha don’t bring it to my posts, maka blocking!

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