Singer Tamar Braxton Throws Surprise 50th Birthday Party For Nigerian Boyfriend David Adefeso (Photos)


Singer Tamar Braxton Throws Birthday Party For David Adefeso

American singer Tamar Braxton, recently treated her Nigerian boyfriend, David Adefeso to a surprise birthday bash as he clocked 50.

Braxton also set the ball rolling by penning down a heartfelt birthday message on her Instagram page, describing her man as super fine.

The photos from the birthday celebration were splashed all over social media and the couple assuredly had a lot of fun with friends and family who gathered to mark the special occasion.

Her post on Instagram reads:

Celebrating life is probably one of my favorite things to do. This night was so magical for a zillion reasons! Thank you @david.adefeso for allowing love to celebrate you on your bday

Adefeso also took to social media to thank his woman for being the real definition of love and for throwing him a surprise birthday which he described as the best ever.

His post reads:

On Saturday I turned 50. My @tamarbraxton threw the most amazing party for me! My 80-year old mom, who I love so dearly, flew in from Lagos to attend. I remember growing up In Lagos… we attended a church called Chapel of the Healing Cross. At the Chapel they had the congregation divided into four “Fellowships”, each one sort of like a prayer/support group.

Each of the four Fellowships had a different name: the Fellowships of Joy, Hope, Peace and Love. Over the years I’ve often pondered which one of the four Fellowships was the most important: I mean if I had to choose only one of the four for the rest of eternity which would it be? Would I take Peace over Love? Joy over Hope?

Well, only at 50 do I feel like I finally found the answer, and it’s the same answer my mom reiterated to me decades ago: Of all four the greatest is LOVE! “Loving my @tamarbraxton brings me Joy; that Joy always keeps Hope alive….the Hope that no matter what obstacles we confront we will always confront them together; and the Hope that we will be together forever brings me Peace”.

So, when you have Love you have Joy, and Joy comes with never ending Hope, and the Hope that things will always be better and brighter tomorrow than they were yesterday brings Peace. So, like I said the greatest of these is LOVE. Because with Love comes Joy, Hope and Peace….all wrapped up in a nice, tight package! I love you Tamar! Thank you for making this the #bestbirthdayever!!

See photos below:

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