Soulja Boy Celebrates Comeback Single “She Make it Clap” Going No. 1 on Billboard

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is making big moves on the Hip Hop scene, as the Atlanta rapper publicly celebrates his latest success. The 30-year-old rapper took to Instagram on Saturday, April 24, to celebrate “She Make It Clap,” going number one on Billboard’s Top Triller US chart. “She Make It Clap” is his latest single that was released on March 12.

In a clip shared to his Instagram, Soulja Boy said, “That’s a Billboard chart, ni**a, the f*ck you mean. No. 1, ni**a, independent slime. I just signed my deal ni**a. I did this sh*t by myself, ni**a, on gang. I ain’t had no deal, ni**a. Big CEO, on murder gang, ni**a, look.”

“She Make It Clap” has been taking off on multiple streaming platforms since its release. Not long after it was dropped, the song became a viral hit on TikTok that later went to number one on the app’s chart. It debuted at number 19 on the Top Triller US chart, and in its second week, the single took the top slot by jumping 18 spots. Additionally, on the Billboard’s Top Triller Global chart, the song settles at number 4.

Soulja Boy, who also goes by Big Draco, during his celebration declared himself one of the greatest of all-time (G.O.A.T).

Upon reaching number 1 on TikTok, the rapper tweeted, “My song is doing better than rappers on a major level with marketing budgets let that sink in.” The rapper also accused other rappers of copying him. “And I see these rappers copying my tiktok wave they think they slick y’all wasn’t doing this last month lmao I go #1 and here they come.”

The rapper had announced that since his single was released, he has been receiving deals from all over that made him reminisce about his “biggest comeback,” which took place when he completed his prison sentence two years ago.

He told fans, “I got arrested April 11, 2019, while having the ‘biggest comeback’. I will never forget that day.” He added that he is having “the biggest comeback” now, but on a more focused and positive path.

“I’m completely bossed up to a whole new level,” he said. Fans are looking forward to his next move.




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