Soulja Boy is Furious with Kanye West After He Says His “Donda” Verse Is Trash

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Soulja Boy and Kanye West

Soulja claims that Ye told him his “verse was hard” and advised Kanye in the future, to tell him to his face that he doesn’t like his rhymes.
The reactions to Kanye West’s Drink Champs continue to pour in, and now, it is Soulja Boy’s turn. West did not hold back when he addressed his peers, often sharing unfavorable comments about them. He said the worst decision he ever made was singing Big Sean to G.O.O.D. Music, he called Sean and John Legend “sell-outs” for opposing his presidential bid, he dubbed Just Blaze a “copycat” for his The Blueprint production on Jay-Z’s coveted album, and he ruffled Soulja Boy’s feathers when addressing Donda.

Soulja famously ranted after Donda was released and he realized the verse he laid for the album was excluded from the record. On Drink Champs, Kanye matter-of-factly said that he removed Soulja because the verse was “trash.”

Not to be outdone, Soulja Boy jumped on Livestream to angrily respond to Ye’s remarks about his talents. “You should have motherf*ckin’ text me that and say that verse wasn’t good,” said Soulja. “Don’t get on no motherf*ckin’ public platform and say different from what the f*ck you told me to my face. Tell me to my face!”

After verbally exploding for a bit longer with insults about West’s new haircut, Soula kept holding up his phone to the camera in an attempt to show that Kanye told him his “verse was hard.” Check out Kanye’s comments about Soulja, Soulja’s rant, and Akademiks showing that Ye once raved about Soulja’s verse below.


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