Spice Goes Futuristic For “Send It Up” Visual


Spice goes futuristic in her new visual, “Send It Up.”

The Queen of Dancehall drops off the visuals for her track “Send It Up,” which aligns with the futuristic theme displayed on the artwork of her debut album, 10. Spice celebrated her birthday on August 6 with the release of her first project, 10, but the treats are still flowing in abundance from the spicy one with her new video. The cut was directed by Mr. “Game Over” himself, Jay Will.

Jay Will is undoubtedly one of the most creative music video directors in dancehall and reggae, having done videos for some of the biggest names in the biz including Sean Paul, Shaggy, Buju Banton, and DJ Khaled, to name a few. His talent and years of experience were assets as Spice, and her team of dancers embarked on their mission to save the race of the planet Zariah. Spice’s track record shows that she was the perfect woman for the job, which entailed finding the most competent male to repopulate the earth.

The suitors/eligible males were narrowed down to 10 persons, including males from different races. Also, some familiar Jamaican comedians like internet sensations World Dawg and Slick Whiteline were put through several grueling tests. One such test was to see just how well they could handle those rapid waistline movements from Spice’s team of dancers/celestial-based scientists. It’s presumed that her crew represented the preliminary stages of the process, with Spice being the main prize. Her solo scenes take us through various horrid realms one would expect to see on a new rocky planet to help sell this point.

The video doesn’t clarify if she chooses her perfect mate, but her constant desire for a ‘hulky’ dread can be seen as a clue. After all, she is currently in a relationship with Justin Budd, who does seem to bear a similar physique.

Check out the video for Spice’s “Send It Up” below.


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