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The Last Letter – Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

I know how it feels to be loved
Yesterday when she called
The sky became bright again
And my eyes stopped to rain

Why did I push her away for you?
When too many times you said
You love and care, never felt that
Countless lies in your emotions

Hell, you never made me believe
What else to prove it was all
For pleasure and sweet sound
Of bank alert when least expected

Yes, love is patient and sacrificial
I know how it feels to be valued
And I can still swear with my life
No hurt from her like you did

Yes, ten roses for my Ghanian girl
Her perfume smells of pure passion
Times I kissed her, it was so sweet
A mixture of vanilla and blueberry

When our hungry bodies collided
Ecstasy was born, magic was made
Then you came, I gave you the trust
All the love and care she did deserve

Too blind to see, you never worth it
Your love like ice gently melts down
Hell, you never understood eternity
Day by day, she called in her tears

Apologizing for doing nothing wrong
Day by day, you turned me an option
And when I said you could walk away
You took a flight without a goodbye
Her voice erased you in a minute
Then her memories brought smiles
Yet I pray, you find someone else
To love you so good, to care for you
For then you shall fully understand
And appriciate how best I did love
All sacrifices made. Define trust?

(c) Membis Okorie Chukwukamma


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