The Nigerian born fashion model Juliet Francis Agu


From we present to you one of our top model with multiple award and achievements.

JULIET FRANCIS AGU is a fashion model from IMO state,Nigeria. She has been into runway modeling where she showcase clothes from different fashion brands, she started modelling since 2017.

She has always wanted to be a crown queen and along the line she discovered as a model she can also be a runway model,a commercial model and a video vixen. she did runway in the international night concert owerri.

As a commercial model she worked with ( I brand modelling agency ). As part of a commercial model she can be employed to advertise products such as food and household items, pharmaceuticals, travel destinations, sporting equipment, and many more

She has worked as a video vixen for few music artist especially in hip-hop-oriented music videos. Adding to her achievements she worked with few Art modeling which  involves posing for an art class or for a single artist interested in painting or drawing the human form.

She won MISS CREATIVE EMERALD in 2017 and later won TOP MODEL ALVAN in 2017, adding to her achievements she also won EASTERN QUEEN 2018 and MISS DYNAMIC 2018, she has been the FACE OF RAINBOW ENTERTAINMENT since 2019 and later went to win MISS PHOTOGENIC ALVAN in 2019.

Modeling as a career has become a much-vaunted choice now with thousands of aspirants chasing the dream of becoming the next supermodel. becoming a model she has put in discipline, effort, and perseverance.



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