The Weeknd Debuts Futuristic New Look On Tour

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The Weeknd

The Weeknd is easily the biggest star in the entire music world right now. Overall, he is the most-listened-to artist on Spotify, and he continues to build support. Moreover, he is currently on the After Hours Til Dawn tour, which has been a massive endeavor. He has been going to Stadiums all around the world and has been able to sell them out. It is a feat that is nothing short of impressive, and it speaks to his popularity. Additionally, it speaks to just how good his music really is.

During the previous leg of his tour, which mostly consisted of shows in Europe, The Weeknd could be seen sporting what can only be described as an MF DOOM mask. People really liked this look, especially as it paid homage to someone who is so legendary. However, Abel is now in South America, and he has decided to change things up a little bit. As you can see in the video clip below, he is going with something futuristic.

The Weeknd Goes For Something Different


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Just one look at this mask and you can see that Abel was going for some sort of mix between Iron Man and Daft Punk. The mask really lights up while he is on stage, and it leads to a phenomenal look. While it may not be as iconic as the MF DOOM tribute, this still looks pretty cool. As he goes through Latin America, fans will get to bear witness to this. If you know anything about The Weeknd, it is that he puts on a fantastic show. That certainly will continue to be the case as the tour winds to a close.

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