TikTok Star Danielle Cohn Gets Backlash For Jacking Ashanti’s hit ‘Foolish’ As Her Own Song

Ja Rule and Ashanti

TikTok star Danielle Cohn is getting backlash on Twitter for blatantly jacking Ashanti’s hit single “Foolish” and claiming it as her own.

What’s the most foolish thing that you have ever done when you were a child? For many persons, the answer to that question may be smoking or staying out a bit late. Sadly, for popular Youtuber and TikTok user Danielle Cohn, her moment came when she decided to promote her cover of Ashanti’s 2002 hit single “Foolish” as her own.

The 15-year-old star felt the blunt side of social media after releasing her “Foolish” video on Youtube on Sep 3, along with crafting TikTok videos directing viewers to make their very own dances to “her” new track. The main cause of the thrashing from fans of the Grammy award-winning multi-platinum singer/ songwriter hinges on Cohn’s decision to upload the song to various streaming platforms without labeling it as a cover. While the title of the release has now been updated to “Foolish Cover,” fans are still upset that it took place in the first place. A day ago, Cohn wrote on Twitter, “New music video,” before dropping the link to the Youtube upload.

There underwhelming vocal performance and incorrect labeling were not the only elements that got fans upset. The youngster was also dragged for the highly produced music video, which has received over 200,000 streams so far. In the video, Danielle can be seen in a few different hairdos, with one apparently showcases poorly done ‘edges,’ a style popularly worn by women of color. In the eyes of critics, the hairdo cemented Danielle’s fate as a culture vulture.

Those vulture-like actions were put on display a couple of other times, for example, when it was pointed out that she was already setup to rake in a bit of cash from her “I am Foolish For You” fashion line, which consists of hoodies, joggers, and crewnecks. It was also noticed that the recently released song was seemingly officially licensed to Danielle Cohn. As one Twitter user pointed out, “The issue is Danielle is circumventing payment from @ashanti’s label on youtube with her cover if it’s monetized.”



Following a full day of social media bashing, Danielle took to her social media accounts to clear the air. She first asked on Twitter, “Do people not understand what a cover is?”

She then hopped onto Instagram to share a video reiterating that she did not steal the song since all credits were given to Ashanti, making it a legitimate cover. In her attempt to sweeten the deal, she also listed Ashanti has one of her favorite artistes.

Fans of the R&B powerhouse are still not happy with the delivery of the song nor the shady attempt at covering it up and are recommending that Ashanti takes the matter to court. There has not yet been an official statement for the singer’s camp surrounding how the situation will be handled.


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