Tiny Defends Zonnique Against Trolls Who Say Claim She Called Daughter A “B*tch”

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Tiny Defends Zonnique Against Trolls Who Say Claim She Called Daughter

Zonnique clearly didn’t say that about her baby girl, but people tried attacking her online, and Tiny wasn’t having it.

These days, it seems as if just about anyone can go viral over anything. TikTok reached new heights during the 2020 quarantine, and it has become the new “it” platform that has taken over as a social media favorite. As everyday folks are becoming internet superstars thanks to the app, celebrities have also found a home of the micro-vlogging site. However, what builds people up can also tear them down, and Zonnique recently found herself on the receiving end of backlash.

A video of Zonnique joking about her baby girl has gone viral, and in the clip, she teased that she only had a handful of toys for her daughter. Zonnique quipped that the little girl shouldn’t just expect to have toys because she’s T.I. and Tiny’s granddaughter, and somehow, people took offense.


In her video, Zonnique said the word “b*tch” and some viewers interpreted that as the Fox Soul host referring to her daughter like that. The Neighborhood Talk reposted Zonnique’s video and it received some negative comments, so Mama Tiny jumped in to defend her child.

“U guys reaching again huh! [eye roll emojis],” Tiny commented. “Gurl, she ain’t called that baby no b*tch! & she ain’t jealous of sh*t!!” She also added that her daughter isn’t a materialistic person and seemed peeved that the conversation was even taking place. Check it out below.



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