Wednesday, October 5, 2022

TMO drops new collection which is an ode to femininity

From smaller to bigger, ‘A Minors Ad Maius; is everything the TMO Woman aspires to be.

From smaller to bigger, ‘A Minors Ad Maius; is everything the TMO Woman aspires to be.

TMO International, a resort-style Nigerian fashion brand, led by May Omaka Osama has released a new collection which is an ode to femininity.

To celebrate the launch of ‘A Minors Ad Maius’, TWO had a fashion show at The Truth Beach Club on Saturday, November 27, 2021 where it revealed 50 new designs with an inclusive line carrying xs-4xl sizes.

With the goal of redefining resort wear to be more than clothes women lounge in, May draws upon her personal experiences and interaction with women to create a collection that magnifies women in all their glory with ‘A Minors Ad Maius’.

A Minors Ad Maius celebrates a woman’s ability to take something “from smaller to bigger”.

The collection maintains TMO’s signature style of bold prints with intricate details from contrasting hues and patterns.

The styles in the collection can be easily defined as glamour-comfort with its embodiment of the modern woman’s style and her drive to be and do more.

“I am inspired by women and our ability to magnify anything we are given,” May who is the Creative Director of TWO said.

“With this collection, I went back to the very essence of the brand, the growth I had experienced to get the brand where we are today and when I thought of the collection ‘A Minors Ad Maius’.

“I imagined the TMO woman walking into rooms, breaking barriers, and standing out because of her style and the grace she eludes.”

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