Tory Lanez faces Jail Sentence and Bail of $350K For Violating Orders Against Megan Thee Stallion – Twitter Reacts

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Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion

The Canadian artist’s bail has been set at a whopping $350,000.

After spending over a week focused on commentating on “The Slap,” Twitter users have moved on to other topics – for now. Most recently, it seems news of Tory Lanez’s arrest for violating protective orders against Megan Thee Stallion during a court session earlier yesterday (April 5th) has taken the internet by surprise, prompting all kinds of opinions to fly forward.

In an initial report on the situation, DJ Akademiks wrote, “BREAKING: Tory Lanez taken into custody as judge finds he violated protective order for Meg Thee Stallion. He will be released after posting a new bail of $350K. Judge claims Tory was sending messages on Twitter aimed at Meg Thee Stallion.”

Megan Thee Stallion
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“They told him not to speak on the case and he did anyway like an idiot, that’s his fault,” one user responded. “However, they are dancing around the final verdict of this case and what really happened and the truth coming out keeps getting pushed back… Interesting…”

Others focused further on the details, pointing out the fact that reports say that Lanez never contributed any DNA for testing, which is why results came back as “inconclusive.”

“People who defend Tory Lanez don’t even do it because they like him, they just hate Megan,” another person speculated. “It’s honestly pathetic, no matter the outcome they will make an excuse for that rat.”

Tory Lanez
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On the other end of the argument, someone wrote, “People think Tory Lanez is guilty of shooting Meg Thee Stallion because he violated a restraining order… Look how you draw conclusions.”

Back in March, we shared a story about Wack 100 giving his take on all the drama, revealing that he thinks Lanez will ultimately be acquitted – read more about that here, and let us know what you think about the 29-year-old’s arrest in the comment section below.


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