Twitter Compares Jhené Aiko To Sade And It Resulted In A Heated Debate

Jhené Aiko
Jhené Aiko

Twitter erupted in a debate comparing Jhene Aiko and sade.

This year has seen no shortage of unbelievable headlines, and August just couldn’t close without one of the craziest ones yet. As fans everywhere anticipated the Brandy & Monica’s Verzuz Battle, the Twitterverse was caught in its own comparison squabble, this time between Jhene Aiko and soulful trailblazer, Sade. The firestorm started just after midnight when Twitter user @KammyTaughtYou tweeted, “TL sleep? Y’all give Sade a lot,” to which she added, “Sade is thin & light skinned & was humming on them tracks. At least Jhené gives us DRAMA.”

One fan quickly learned, however, that almost no one shared her sideways take that Sade was overrated or ordinary as the “Paradise” crooner’s fans rushed to her defense. They pointed out that not only was her sound and delivery unmatched, but her success was unquestionable with her single “The Sweetest Taboo,” spending six months on American pop charts. The troll’s Sade slander backfired in a major way as even Halle Berry chimed in to check her for the baseless comparison.

One of the most popular responses read, “Jhene whispers toxic phrases over beats while doing shrooms. Sade is soulful, sensual, smooth & rough. One is 30% Black and says ni**a more than a lot of unambiguous BW. The other is half Nigerian and croons about everything from love, abuse, poverty, infatuation, heartbreak, etc.” At the same time, another fan quipped, Not you comparing Jhené’s sex-starved whispers to Sade’s novel R&B innovative sound THEN making it into a colorism argument.

“Sade’ slander? On this land?” asked another before Halle Berry entered the scandalous chat, adding, “I know y’all not comin for Sade Adu. I know I heard that wrong.” Neither Aiko nor the 61-year-old Nigerian born legend has reacted to the online ruckus, which made ‘Sade’ a trending topic for most of Monday. Not surprisingly, however, Jhene had previously declared she’s Team Sade in a 2014 interview with The Fader, calling her music “timeless” and saying she’s a “big fan” of her “voice and melodies and her mysterious look.“

“I didn’t really realize I was a big fan of hers until I started doing my mixtape and, when I was trying to find the beats and groove I wanted to be in, I was like, “This reminds me of Sade.” It made me want to go back and listen to her and really see that’s the type of artist I want to be. Not as much in copying her look or sound, but her music is timeless. You can hear any of her songs and you don’t feel like it takes you back, even if it gives you a good nostalgic feeling. You just want to listen to those songs forever.”


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