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Monday, December 5, 2022
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UPDATE: Tory Lanez “Didn’t” Like Tweet Bashing Megan Thee Stallion, Post Photoshopped


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Update: Tory Lanez team has debunked rumors he liked a tweet from NFL star Larry Johnson that was bashing Megan Thee Stallion and seemingly confirming that they were dating. The tweet stirred controversies over the weekend and created a firestorm when Tory allegedly liked it.

The Canadian singer’s team is now saying the post was photoshopped and that Tory Lanez’s creative director has control over his IG account. The singer never interacted with the post on Instagram. You can see the post via TSR below.

Orginal story: Tory Lanez reportedly liked a harsh tweet from NFL player Larry Johnson bashing Megan Thee Stallion, while seemingly confirmed they were dating.

While Tory Lanez has not actually spoken out on the incident involving Megan Thee Stallion, he might be adding to the conversation nonetheless. The rapper allegedly liked a post on Instagram, highlighting some comments made by former NFL star Larry Johnson. The action did little to help Tory’s case as not only does the post blame the victim, but Johnson is also a known abuser.

On Friday (August 21), Larry Johnson posted a tweet that said, “Ladies, if you date a man who coined the term “Demon Time,” and you get shot by him during Demon Hours, be accountable for YOUR stupidity,” he wrote. The Shaderoom later shared it in an Instagram post along with fans reacting with receipts proving that Johnson has been arrested multiple times in the past for assaulting women, including his own girlfriend.


Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion

It was bad enough that a known abuser was calling Megan “stupid” when she is the victim here, but what made it an awful lot worse was that Tory Lanez reportedly liked the post. According to the Shaderoom, the rapper’s Instagram account double-tapped the photo of Larry’s callous sentiments. Though Tory’s name can no longer be seen associated with the post, the online news blog shared a screenshot of his Instagram handle when it was earlier noted in the “likes” section.

Fans were outraged, to say the very least, as many saw it as a rather crass way to enter the conversation when you’re being accused of shooting a young woman from behind. It led many to question if there is a harsher punishment than “canceling” the rapper at this point. Ironically, we are talking about a potential felony assault with a firearm case where the shooter inflicted bodily harm, so in the real world, that punishment is a prison sentence. Yet, for some reason, the tone of the conversation has been very different for the Canadian artist. He is yet to be arrested or charged and is apparently out here liking posts virtually dissing Megan Thee Stallion. It’s all a bit strange if you ask me.

“When you’re tryna save someone [from] going to jail and they liking the justification of their violent crime on social media!? OFFICERS COME GET DIS LITTLE MAN,” one fan commented. “This is why Meg shouldn’t have protected that midget from the law. He is not even remorseful about what he did to her,” another wrote. A lot of fans are calling for Megan to press charges while some say Tory Lanez needs to be deported back to Canada already. “He trolling America at this point, deport Mini Me,” said one commenter. “Jail that leprechaun,” someone also demanded.

Neither Tory Lanez nor his reps have made any statements about the shooting since Megan confessed the details of that night. There are some people who assert that they’re still “waiting to hear” his side while others see it as inconsequential at this point and are just irked that he is still a free man. Overzealous fans have gone to jail for less.

Do you think this was Tory’s way of confirming how he really feels?


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