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Vanessa Bryant Checks Out Gorgeous Kobe & Gianna Mural In Philadelphia


Vanessa Bryant continues to keep Kobe’s legacy alive.
Ever since Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s passing in 2020, Vanessa Bryant has been working tirelessly to keep their legacy and memory alive. There have been various efforts to honor the father-daughter duo, and many of them have had to do with murals and various basketball court projects. In fact, the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation has been directly involved in these projects, which includes the latest Dream Court which was constructed in Kobe’s hometown of Philadelphia.

As you can see down below, there is a gorgeous mural depicting Kobe next to his daughter Gianna. The court is located at the Tustin Playground, and as Vanessa explained on social media, this is a location that is very special to the family.

“PHILADELPHIA where my husband’s love for basketball all began,” Bryant began. “Today, in the historic Tustin Playground and thanks to the generous contributions of donors, fans, and friends, our foundation @mambamambacitasports opened 2 more @dream_courts with @nlcharities, which were beautifully surrounded by the artwork of @Art_by_Ernel. I chose this location so that young people in this community may have a safe space to play with equal opportunity which was important to Kobe and Gianna. We are grateful to the City of Philadelphia, @muralarts for welcoming this project and helping to make it a reality.”

This court is going to be widely used by the community, and that can only be a positive thing. Kobe would be very proud if he saw this, and it just goes to show that Vanessa Bryant cares deeply about her late husband’s legacy.

Let us know what you think of the court, in the comments section down below.


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