Veteran Actress Shan George Sends Strong Message To Fake Friends (Video)

Actress Shan George

Veteran Nollywood actress, Shan George took to her social media page to blast people showing her fake love.

She stated via a video she shared on her Instagram page, that a lot of people calling her aunty or sister can’t do anything for her if she doesn’t pay them.

She expressed that the same people that wouldn’t do anything for her without any compensation, do things for others freely.

Posting the video on her IG page the veteran actress wrote,

I’ve lived for quite a number of decades now. I’ve been tru thick and thin in life yet not dead, I’ve survived loads of shiiiiiiit without u or ur help, I dont need to mention names, but when they read this post, they know themselves. This 2020, me and all mine r done with u unproductive, evil, competitive, sorryass scoundrels who charade as friends. Pay me too if u want same from me. But if u need me as ur friend, show it or SDFU!!

Watch the video below


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