Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Vicetone – Astronomia ft Tony Igy


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Vicetone – Astronomia ft Tony Igy This beat has been disturbing the internet ever since it was release and everywhere i go it’s the freaking beat.

ladies and gentlemen, you are now logged on to your hottest entertainment and lifestyle website that’s I go by the name Yeye Blogger and i welcome you to my music session where i get to premiere this errrrrri i don’t know what to call it. it is so annoying!

I open the Instagram boom there’s a video skit with the music playing at the background, i spent sometime on the IG app and then decides to checkout what’s the new trend on Twitter, Boom Vicetone – Astronomia clips comes up on my screen, i became fed up at that point, even right now i’m still fed up

At first when i heard the Vicetone – Astronomia beat i wasn’t interested in it, but then it keeps coming up to my face, and it started to hunt me everywhere i go and i’m like what the heck is going on.

I quit social media for a reasonable amount of time to do things offline, and guess what the beat started playing in my head (that’s it i give up i’m going get it and listen to it till i’m completely fed up).

Just as i was about trying to go about my chores, my kid bro came in watching a skit with the Vicetone Astronomia instrumental playing on the background, can it get any worst?  i left everything i was doing and went straight to my pc, and ever since then i’ve been listening to it all day long.

Am i still fed up, no i don’t think so! Smile

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