Video: Banky W And Adesua Etomi Get Into Heated Argument Over Couple’s Game

Nigerian Celebrity Couple, Adesua Etomi and Banky W were really vested and got a bit emotional while playing a couple’s Game, “14 Questions for Valentine”.

The Nollywood sweethearts set to host their valentine show, The BAAD Experience on Sunday, February 13, did not agree on a few of the answers provided by the other person.

Their argument began at the point where the interview asked who the better kisser is. Naturally, Adesua hailed herself as the better kisser bit Banky W didn’t quite agree. He admitted that early on, she was indeed better at locking lips but as the years have gone by, he has upped his game and believes they are either at par or he is better.

However, things almost came to a head when it came to the subject of who took more selfies. Adesua argued that her husband took more selfies as she hardly ever takes photos of herself while Banky W disagreed with her assertion.

To settle the matter, Banky W suggested that they both bring out their phones to count the number of selfies each person had in order to come to an accurate decision.

Seeing that she was going to lose this round, Susu disagreed stating that she was no longer in the mood to play the game.



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