Video: Man Who Told Wife He’s Traveling To Borno Is Seen Marrying Another Lady In Warri, Same Day

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A married Nigerian man, identified as Toby Onyekweli, has been accused of breaking his marriage vows after lying to his wife that he was travelling to Borno state, only to go and marry another woman in Warri, Delta State on the same day.

According to social media user, Awele Ejiofor, the married man, Toby Onyekweli, who has been married for 9-years, but woke up one morning, kissed his wife and told her he was going to Borno state to start seeing pictures of him having his traditional wedding with another woman in Warri, Delta state.

She wrote:

“The circle is small.

We share mutual friends……
Didn’t we all grow up together???
You and me…..?
I remember when you called to fix a date.
I was at her’s.
I had just returned from Enugu and stopped by her’s to see her.

She told me you were coming.
You wanted to go out with her.
I was thrilled……
Legit excited!!!!

Then you got married In August of 2011…..
I remember that day.
I remember Ify came from Sweden… .

I watched your kids grow……
Wasn’t I at your place last time I was home???
Dude, we all smiled at the camera not knowing you were planning a marriage while still married…….

9 years Tobe…….

If she was a bad person, we would know.
But she wasn’t.
She took all the shit from you and your Mother, who controlled all you did.

You got up from your bed, kissed her goodbye, told a story about going back to Borno, while you went to Warri same day for your traditional marriage….

We are not Muslims!!!
We are not Urhobos!!!!
We are Christians and Ndi Anioma and this
It is all shades of wrong!!!!

You are first my friend before My friend’s husband. And I owe it to you to tell you the truth as your friend.

I am disappointed in you!!!!!!

I have no words for the Grandma you married..
She didn’t drag you down this lane.
It’s you I have a bone to pick with…..

The people on your timeline cheering you will not be there when you meet your Waterloo…..

People date married men.
Sadly the norm has come to stay…..
But you cannot be mean to a woman who has done NOTHING to you….
This girl gave you her youth.
She left her life to live yours…..

You paid her back with STDs, ill treatment and Abuse!!!!
Yet she endured……

9 years meant nothing to you???

Keep sharing photos of you and your new bride.

I am going to keep reposting on my page..

I mean, if I don’t take care of you, who will???

They said we should pray for you???
Pray for you when I am not mad???
As far as I am concerned, Nobody jazzed this man.
Let’s stop making excuses for him.

He only missed the memo on how to cheat smoothly……
1. Never go for someone beneath your present…..
2. Don’t get caught….

The universe will judge you, Toby Tboss Onyekweli.
Well before it does, happy married life……

Biko, somebody should please beg him to unblock me.
I come in peace

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