VIDEO: ‘We Signed Contracts Never To Mention The Name Of Jesus’ – Kanye West Exposes Evil Record Labels


Kanye West

American Grammy award winner Kanye West has dropped a bombshell regarding the demonic world he used to belong.

Kanye West exposed the evil that breeds in the secular music industry.

At his last Sunday Service in Miami, the rapper disclosed that the devil is ruling music stakeholders in America to the extent that they sign an oath not to mention the name of Jesus anywhere in their music career life.

According to the controversial Hip Hop legend, producers sign contract with artists where the artists are not allowed to use the name of God.

“God using us to show off, to show God is better than the Devil,” he said. “The Devil took all the producers, the musicians, the designers. He moved us all out to Hollywood, moved us all out to New York. Chasing gold statues. Literally signing a contract and selling our souls. They got contracts out there that say, ‘you can’t say Jesus.’ When we were working on this album, people were coming to the studio just to say ‘Jesus’ as loud as they wanted to. You can say Jesus in ‘Ye studio.”

Watch the video below;

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