‘We’re Not On Same Levels’ – Pretty Mike Tells Ladies Who Slid Into His DM

Pretty Mike

Lagos socialite Pretty Mike has taken to his Instagram account to advise ladies who slid into his DM to profess their love for him. He made the ladies to understand that they are not on the same level in the society strata.

According to him, most ladies claim they are too big for some guys, and they need to understand that the same applies to them too with some guys on a higher level.

He wrote:

“Let’s pls all respect ourselves on this INSTAGRAM oooh….this has nothing to do with my female Fans, I love and appreciate you all …..But Some of you girls no Dey know ur level sha coming into my DM talking about “I like You, I want you” huh yes I like me too… Go put as much work on urself like I did “Package”…

Because I took pictures with Cardi B, doesn’t mean u will see me in her DM, confessing how much I love her and would want to date her,..not minding I do appreciate and like her, I still know my level…. Coming into my DM with all that three tone skin color and Eczema skin, you ok sis ?

Just as some of you Ladies think you are too big for some boys, YES; Some of us are too big for some of you too!….Yeah I know that’s too blunt but we all do it, matter of fact….”Ladies quick question !!

“When a dude sends you a DM, you first go through his pictures to assess him be4 you reply him abi ?? So that Rules should pls apply both ways ….thanks !!! #CuttingTags #MoschinoDrip #LagosPlug #HusbandMaterial #CubanaGroup.”


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