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What You Need To Know About A$AP Rocky & Rihanna’s Relationship

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna

We break down how expecting parents A$AP Rocky and Rihanna transitioned from working relationship, to friends, to lovers.

By now, it seems that everyone in the world has heard the news that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are expecting their first child together. For years, the two celebrities have faced dating accusations and continuously shut them down. They’ve essentially assured fans over the course of a decade that their relationship was strictly on a friendship level– despite the flirting and natural chemistry often captured by the media.The truth finally came to light in 2021 when the two started to be seen out and about together at an increasingly frequent rate. What really finalized the rumors, however, was A$AP referring to RiRi as the love of his life.
Rihanna and Asap Rocky
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The Beginning (2012-2013)

September 2012: A$AP Rocky was featured on Rihanna’s song “Cockiness (Love It).” The song was ultimately about Rihanna being dominant in the bedroom with her partner.

September 2012: The duo performed their rhythm thumping song at the MTV Video Music Awards. During the performance, Rocky grabbed a handful of Rihanna’s booty and planted a kiss on her cheek. This moment was so iconic in pop culture history because it is what initially sparked the idea of them being an item, and quickly went viral across the internet.

Rihanna and Asap Rocky
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March 2013: Rihanna kicked off her Diamonds World Tour. The Barbadian superstar toured across North America and brought A$AP Rocky along. He was her opening act.

September 2013: One of A$AP’s most notable songs is “Fashion Killa.” Rihanna  played his love interest in the song’s music video, perhaps inevitably, as he referenced her in the lyrics by saying, “Her attitude Rihanna, she get it from her mama.” In the past twenty-four hours, social media users have hypothesized this song foreshadowed the two’s eventual relationship.

The Off Season (2014-2017)

October 2014: A$AP Rocky dated Victoria Secret Model Chanel Iman for over a year. The two ended up getting engaged in April of 2014, but later split that following fall.

Rihanna and Asap Rocky 1
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May 2015: During an interview with HOT 97, A$AP Rocky denied all allegations regarding a romantic relationship with Rihanna. He stated, “It never happened. If it happened, then it would have happened. We never did that.”

May 2017: Rocky must have a thing for models. The pretty boy reportedly began dating Kendall Jenner and they went public after attending the Met Gala. However, they broke up three months later.

Rihanna and Asap Rocky 2
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June 2017: Rocky wasn’t the only one playing the field. Rihanna snatched up billionaire businessman, Hassan Jameel. The two were together for two years before calling it quits in 2020.

The Reunion (2018-Now)

June 2018: A$AP and Rihanna are icons in the fashion industry. So the two appearing front row at the Louis Vuitton Runway show during Paris Fashion Week came as no surprise.

Rihanna and Asap Rocky 3
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January 2020: Here come the rumors again. After Rihanna split from her billionaire boo, she began being seen with A$AP more frequently. The two were first spotted together in New York at a concert as reported in The SunThis first date night is what sparked the latest batch of rumors concerning their fling.

August 2020: Rihanna’s Fenty line has expanded in recent years making her one of the richest superstars ever. Her advertising campaign for Fenty Skin featured the pretty boy himself, A$AP Rocky, as a model.

December 2020: As the holidays approached, the stars decided to spend time with each other. They took a cruise in Barbados and spent time with Rihanna’s family according to PopSugar. It was around this time that a source confirmed to People Magazine that their romance was official.

January 2021: Rihanna had to support her man’s endeavors, even if the relationship is low-key. In a New Year’s post, she was seen wearing shoes from Rocky’s collaboration with Amina Muaddi.

May 2021: In an interview with GQ, Rocky finally expressed his true feelings for his girlfriend. He referred to her as his “lady” and the “love” of his life, thus confirming with the world that they were indeed an item.

June 2021: Rihanna and Drake also have their fair share of love stories to tell (and of course, this pregnancy has sparked some responses to that). The two got matching camo-shark tattoos back in 2016 as a symbol of their rumored relationship at the time. Five years and a relationship with A$AP later, RiRi got her ink completely covered up– so we know it’s real.

July 2021: After being seen in the studio together, the couple was spotted once again in New York shooting a music video. People in the area snapped pictures of the two holding hands and looking as stylish as they always do. Of course, this is just one of several NYC-based dates the two were spotted on.

Rihanna and Asap Rocky 4
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August 2021: Back in August, Rihanna officially became a billionaire from her numerous endeavors like Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty. It seems that, perhaps as a way to celebrate, she and her boo, Rocky, went on a shopping spree around New York City.

September 2021: The two stars arrived at the infamous Met Gala as a couple– making this their first public outing and confirming their relationship wholly for the media. They both coordinated with chic, baggy outfits, and quickly stole the show.

Rihanna and Asap Rocky 5

November 20201: A$AP Rocky performed at ComplexCon in Long Beach, California. While he was on stage rapping and engaging with the crowd, Rihanna was in the audience hyping him up and being his biggest fan.

January 2022: Here we are. News broke yesterday that the couple is expecting. Rumors started to circulate that the singer might have been pregnant after she was steadily seen wearing baggy clothes in photos captured by paparazzi. While doing normal everyday things like taking a walk or being out with Rocky, she was still a focal point for the media. Of course, she never spoke on the gossip. The pregnancy announcement was revealed by a third party after a photographer named Diggzy posted Rihanna’s growing belly. Rihanna still hasn’t spoken out on it, although she did share some new promo for Fenty Beauty today, February 1.

As the couple prepares to bring a new bundle of joy into the world, social media waits with them.

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