“What’s not sexy about a strip tease” – Gideon Okeke knocks women hopping on the GRWM challenge

Gideon Okeke knocks women hopping on the GRWM challenge

Nigerian actor, Gideon Okeke has knocked women hopping on the trending Get Ready With Me (GRWM) challenge.

The challenge involves a person documenting their preparation from taking a bath, to dressing up, and the likes, till they are ready to step out the door.

The movie actor claims that the new GRWM challenge has given respectable girls the freedom to go butt-naked and dress up for the sake of the public’s perception or more accurately, respectable girls now feel free to undress themselves in the name of dressing up.

Gideon Okeke who recently spoke about single mothers maintained that any lady who strips down to be a “GRWM,” obviously doesn’t work in a corporate environment.

Comparing women who participate in the challenge and those in the corporate world, Gideon Okeke said those who are covered up understated appeal and most likely have corporate jobs.

The thespian said being fully clothed is more appealing and sexy especially to ‘strip tease’ but being scantily dressed would keep nothing from one’s imagination.

“This new GRWM “challenge”

Easily has given decent girls the liberty to get butt naked and dress up to the view of the world, via SM.

Or rather… decent girls have taken the liberty to undress, in the name of dressing up, a Grown Woman. guess content is King.

But I come in peace

You clearly don’t work in a corporate space if you get butt naked to be a “GRWM”

Hence the corporate girl has such a modest appeal that’s super sexy. She’s all covered up, business! The image of a “Boss Chick” is covered up. Not butt cheeks. That idea of leaving more to the imagination is such a freak thing. I love summer clothing, Yes. But you see that winter clothing?

Those layers of fabric that you have to peel off before you see the face of Gold? Damn!

What’s not sexy about a strip tease.


The power woman

The Boss Chick

The achiever… mmm that one.”

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls Nigerian actor, Gideon Okeke’s estranged wife, Chidera seemingly hit back at her ex following his recent post on single mums.

Gideon Okeke had taken to Instagram to share a cryptic post about single mothers who who prevent their kids from having a relationship with their fathers.

According to Gideon, who parted ways with his wife in October 2022 after four years of marriage it was when he went public with his divorce from his ex-wife and mother of his two sons that he realized that so many men were being punished by their exes by preventing them from having a relationship with their kids.

Addressing single mums, Gideon asked them to remember they did not pluck their kids from trees or buy them from the shelves.

Moments after he shared the post, Chidera took to her Instastory to share a cryptic post that appears to be a reaction to her ex-husband.

She accused Gideon of playing the victim when he is largely at fault, adding that she has a lot to say about him but would rather be the bigger person and let it slide. The mother of two wrote:

“If I start to talk! Hmmmmm..

There will be no holding back.

Because the millipede that was stomped on did not scream, but the foot that stomped on it keeps screaming “my foot, my foot”(it’s sweeter in Igbo sha, but, you get the gist lol).

But my people say that, “Adiro ibuo ayi ala”, so I’ll be the bigger person, as ALWAYS and keep living life”


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