Why are people allowed to go to market but stopped from going to church’ – Bishop Oyedepo speaks

Following the ease of lockdown, Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church has called out the government for allowing people to go to the market but stopped them from going to Church.

In a video posted online, Bishop Oyedepo could be heard criticizing the government for not allowing people to gather and worship for just 2 hours.

Bishop Oyedepo stated that the foundation in Christ can tackle critical situations like the pandemic that is ravaging the world. He added that the devil hates the growth and expansion of the church.

“There is something wrong, for people to be allowed to be in the market for six hours and cannot be in church for two hours, it is an upside down way for looking at things.

Which one is more orderly? The market or the church?

I can smell a rat. The Lord spoke to me on it strongly on it yesterday. I can smell a rat behind all this. It is how do we stop the church from exploding.

The voice of darkness are influencing people at various levels targeting the church because the growth and expansion of the church is the greatest headache of the devil. But the gates of hell shall not prevail.

The devil and his agents shall surely pay for this.

I don’t know what hospital that records the kind of healings that the church of God records. And now hospitals where people die everyday is open but the church is closed.” the Bishop stated


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