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Why doesn’t Mourinho coach top clubs anymore?

José Mourinho, once considered among the elite football managers, has seen his career trajectory shift in recent years. There is online betting Nigeria only on 1xbet.ng/en that can be made on teams managed by the Portuguese too.

While still a prominent figure, he no longer commands the top-tier clubs like Real Madrid or Manchester United. Understanding why involves examining several factors, with 3 of them being:

  • his latest performances;
  • his managerial style;
  • the evolving nature of football;
  • and the expectations of top clubs.

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Declining numbers

Mourinho’s managerial record has been stellar, but recent years have seen a decline. During his tenure at Manchester United (2016-2018), he won the UEFA Europa League and the EFL Cup in 2017. If you want to wager on the Red Devils, you are invited to visit the http://1xbet.ng/en/line website too.

However, his third season saw the club struggling in the Premier League, leading to his dismissal. His subsequent stint at Tottenham Hotspur (2019-2021) ended without any trophies, marking his 1st tenure in English football without silverware. His win percentage at Tottenham was 51%, lower than his stints at Chelsea (67%), Real Madrid (72%), and Inter Milan (63%). Those teams are covered at the 1xBet platform too.

A style not universally praised

Mourinho is known for his pragmatic, defensive approach. This style, once revolutionary, has faced criticism for being outdated compared to the more dynamic, attacking philosophies. They are embraced by clubs like Liverpool under Jürgen Klopp and Manchester City under Pep Guardiola. Modern top-tier football emphasizes high pressing, possession-based play, and fluid attacking movements, areas where Mourinho’s tactics have sometimes appeared rigid. You can make all live betting football from 1xbet.ng/en/live/football on matches from teams that employ interesting tactics too.

Football has evolved tactically and financially. Clubs seek managers who not only deliver results but also align with their vision of playing attractive football and developing youth talent. Mourinho’s preference for experienced players over nurturing young talent has been a sticking point. His confrontational management style, often leading to public fallouts with players and club officials, contrasts sharply with the more collaborative approaches favored by contemporary clubs. Whenever Mourinho coaches again make sure to try all football live betting from 1xBet and win with the available opportunities

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