Why I Revealed My HIV Status – Actress Dayo Amusa

Actress Dayo Amusa

Filmmaker, actress and singer, Dayo Amusa who caused quite a stir on social media months ago, has revealed why she posted her HIV status on her Instagram page.

]In a recent interview, she revealed she publicized her status to encourage people to go for testing, whether positive or negative, so that they will not die ‘before death’

In her words:

“Well, the declaration of my HIV status wasn’t attached to this movie. What I posted was just a random thing. I just felt I should encourage people to go for their HIV test, to know their status, so they can know what next to do and go for medical advice if necessary.”

“It is better to know your status, so you can guide yourself and save others too. If mine was positive, I would have still posted it but might not be just at that particular moment. For me, being positive is not the end of the world and it doesn’t stop you from living a normal life. You don’t have to die before death comes. ”


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