Why I Want To Date Don Jazzy.

Nazo Ekezie
Nazo Ekezie

Nollywood actress, Nazo Ekezie has made it clear that she goes for what she wants in a man so she does not see anything wrong in making the first move to a man.

Nazo Ekezie
Nazo Ekezie
The actress was involved in recent interview with Inside Nollywood, where she said that if 
you find them attractive, it is not bad idea to give men the green light. 
She announced that she sees herself as very sweet and 
delicious person who can turn any bitter life into sweet one.

In her words: “Absolutely nothing is wrong with it! I will always give the man I like the green light. I think it takes a lot of confidence to do that and my confidence is on a high right now and I am loving every moment of it. That is why I call myself ‘Ofe’ which means soup in Igbo language; I consider myself to be a bowl of very delicious Igbo soup. And guess what, I am sweet, very sweet. However, I don’t feel the pressur e to be married. My mom and I had the talk sometime ago but being single has never been considered a problem in my family.”



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