Winning is being able to afford a good haircut,” Dorathy Fires Troll

Yeye blogger


A social media troll with unkempt hair took for levity the sweetness of the BBNaija reality star, Dorathy Bachor by dissing her for not being able to win in life.


It all started after the entrepreneur shared a stunning photo of herself adding that she’s the hero for girls who thought they could not achieve much.

“I’m fighting for the girls who never thought they could win,” she wrote.

In reaction, a troll attacked Dorathy for being unable to win not to talk of fighting the battle for others.

This however triggered the busty queen to lambast the troll blue-black.

“-Winning is believing in yourself.
-Winning is getting your life together regardless of what life throws at you.
-Winning is being able to mind your business so you don’t sound like an absolute idiot.
-Lastly winning is being able to afford a good haircut,” Dorathy wrote in response.

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