Yaya Mayweather Supports Jayda Cheaves While Likening Lil Baby To NBA YoungBoy


Lil Baby’s girlfriend Jayda Cheaves got dragged into his baby mama drama, and her and her friend Yaya Mayweather are not letting it slide.

Jayda Cheaves is speaking out after her boyfriend’s baby’s mother yanked her into their drama. The mother of one of Lil Baby’s sons, Jason, has been calling out the rapper for not doing enough financially for his child. According to Ayesha, Lil Baby’s first baby mama, the rapper failed to pay for their son’s school tuition, which resulted in him basically getting expelled from virtual learning.

She also alleged that he stood by and let them commute publicly instead of helping her to repair her car so she could drive their son herself. Lil Baby retorted by flaunting some checks online that he says he is saving for his children’s future, but Ayesha thinks covering an expense like her car repair would have been a responsible means of taking care of their son now, especially considering the pandemic and the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

The rapper’s baby’s mother went a bit further when she dragged his current girlfriend and mother of his 1-year-old son into her rant, alleging that Jayda receives a monthly allowance from her rapper beau. Jayda, who is a business owner and social media influencer, addressed the verbal insinuations swiftly online, debunking any claims that followed that implied that she didn’t have her own.

“Idc how hard life get imma keep some money put up i never touch and keep my own place even if i don’t use that b***h. Cuz whatever a n***a got… AINT MINE,” Jayda tweeted. “I’m far from dumb. I won’t ever let nobody lil girl me. And that’s a general statement to the ppl commenting on why I have what I have. Like nooooo. I’m here with my man because I want to be not because I have to be. Sometimes you just love who you love. Nobody can change that. Now good day.”

Ayesha coincidentally let out her grievances about her baby daddy Lil Baby around the time that his lady Jayda Cheaves was flexing her new Louis Vuitton bag on Instagram that was gifted to her by the rapper. Perhaps the mother of the rapper’s eldest son saw it suitable to drag his current girlfriend’s name into the public dispute as well. Though Lil Baby hasn’t said much, he recently posted on his story after his son’s mother’s rant, “1+1=2 not 3. Some sh*t just don’t add up.”

Jayda’s friend Yaya Mayweather also chimed in on Instagram while penciling herself into the equation. “Crazy thing is same ones calling me & Jayda dumb is the same females that want to be with the n***as and the same dudes that want to be the n***as,” Yaya wrote on Instagram. “So I really dgaf about nothing y’all talking about.”

Iyanna Mayweather’s history dictates that her recent sentiments should not be astonishing. Yaya is currently engrossed in her own legal woes after stabbing her own boyfriend, NBA YoungBoy’s baby’s mother earlier this year. She reportedly stabbed the woman multiple times, including in her stomach allegedly causing her to lose her unborn child. The champion boxer’s daughter is facing life in prison if convicted of all the charges against her and possibly the death penalty.

Can’ everyone just get along?


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