Young Thug YSL Trial: Yak Gotti Mother Arrested, Tried To Sneak Contraband Into Court

Young Thug
Young Thug

Jury selection proceedings in the Young Thug and his co-defendants YSL Rico trial were suspended for the day on Thursday after one of the defendants had to be escorted to the hospital to extract contraband from his body.

According to reports from Law & Crime’s Cathy Russon, the proceedings had to be halted after the judge revealed that another defendant named Kahlieff Adams had to go to Grady hospital. This is the third incident since this week started where defendants have been found with contraband, affecting what is already a lengthy jury selection process due to the number of defendants in the case.

In court, Judge Ural Glanville revealed the reason for the delay on Thursday.

“The reason for the delay is we had yet another incidence of alleged contraband being introduced to our space and as a result of that, and the subsequent investigation, one of our inmates, unfortunately, had to go to Grady Hospital. So in the interest of propriety we’re gonna go ahead and recess for the day because Ms. Calland’s client cannot be present,” he said.

In an incident last week, judge Glanville said, “At a security checkpoint, some particular individual attempted to bring clothes for one of your clients,” Judge Glanville admonished defense attorneys.” There was contraband found.”

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