Zion Williamson has been in the news quite a bit recently due to the fact that his former agent Gina Ford is accusing him and his family of taking benefits and gifts in order to attend Duke University. They are also being accused of taking the same types of gifts and payola in order to wear Adidas or Nike sneakers out on the court.

Ford has filed a motion where Zion would have to answer questions regarding these allegations and that he would have to fork over the truth. Of course, this is mostly a negotiation tactic in her lawsuit against Williamson and his lawyers are fully aware of that. As reported by the Associated Press, Williamson’s attorneys have gone to the judge with a request to dismiss Ford’s motion

Throughout the legal documents, Williamson’s attorneys use strong language saying Ford’s motion is “nothing more than a fishing expedition aimed at tarnishing Williamson’s reputation” and that she is looking to “maximize potential embarrassment and media coverage in an attempt to improperly gain settlement leverage.”

The attorneys also went on to say that what Ford is doing is nothing more than harassment. Needless to say, Zion and Ford are in for an ugly legal battle and the future of college athletics is at stake considering what Williamson has been accused of.

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