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Naijahotstars Free Submission Page For Producers, DJs & Artistes

Submission Information For Producers

Please note that by submitting your beats to Naijahotstars, you grant us and any other end users the exclusive right redistribute this materials in whatever form we see fit for promotion either for personal or commercial use. 

Attach the mp3 file of the beat, picture artwork, ensure the subject of your email is FREE BEAT SUBMISSION to avoid being ignored, next include artwork for your beat, and also include the following information of the music producer such as:-

Name of producer

Title of beat

Beat Type (dancehall, love, reggae, trap, etc)

Mobile or Office number

Social media handle: Instagram or Twitter handle

Email it to submission@naijahotstars.com

Submission Information For DJs

For Djs, please ensure that your mixtape is well compressed, not losing the SOUND QUALITY and also do AVOID LARGE SIZE as this is one of the reason your submission might be rejected. Make sure the Subject of your Email is titled FREE MIXTAPE SUBMISSION TO NAIJAHOTSTARS Include the following information about your artiste

DJ Name 

Title Of The Mixtape

Write Up.


Social Media Handle: (Twitter/Instagram)

Mobile or Office number

Email it to submission@naijahotstars.com

Submission Information For Artiste

Chances of getting your song approved for free promotion is very slim, as we get hundreds of songs submission every day. The surest way to get your song to us is by visiting the page “How To Promote Your Song On Naijahotstars“.

But if you want to try your luck, read the following instruction carefully; Please ensure that your song is well mixed and mastered, before contacting us. It is important to note that if you get a rejection twice in a row, you are automatically disqualified from the free submission program. Kindly Provide the information for your submission

Name of Artiste

Title of Song

Write Up

Social Media Handle (Twitter/Instagram)

Mobile Number

Email it to submission@naijahotstars.com