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In a world full of lies,
I seek to know the truth
Indigenous disposition
I try to find my root
The value of time has been misplaced
And everything seems to fall out of place
Time is aging
Yet nothing is changing
Developmental catastrophe
Civilized slavery and we think we’re free
So many fortunes to decipher
But no treasures to discover Every step headed by hope
Drown in some struggles, still we cope
Trying to get what later becomes useless
Materialism in this era, makes us think less
The generation seems like a curse
Instead of making money, money makes us
Instead of loving humans, we love things
Like violence, jealousy and expensive rings
We make time for technologies than families,
Spending more time with our iphones and blackberries
We don’t break bread no more with love ones
We just sit criticize and condemn the bad ones
Everything is just too in vain
Even the pleasures of luxury brings pain
We live and forget our role(s)
Like helping and healing our soul
We’re ruled by hypocrisy
Still we hide and call it democracy
Our rulers have deceived us
Originality has elude us
Politics has destroyed us
Wealth has classified us,
16years of theories in school is delaying us
Wish we could go back in time,
And feel our ancient rhythm and rhyme
Tired of this mobile generation,
Tired of another worst tribulation
Communal crisis due to feudalism,
Favours based on tribalism
With all these pharisaic humans,
And all these commercial religions
Nothing to live for,
Nothing too to die for
In a world full of lies,
I’ll always find the truth
Indigenous disposition,
I won’t forget my root.

Yeye blogger
Yeye bloggerhttps://naijahotstars.com/
Being a blogger is the best thing that has ever happen to me. When i'm off duty as a blogger i'm on the field shooting every living thing on sight with my Camera SMILES!. Feel free to follow me on social media let's link up.

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