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who inflicts evils?


  1. We scream in church for deliverance but evil still remains in our society

Imam pleas to God daily but peace isn’t present in our society


Do we need to ban more demons or conduct more prayers

Or maybe, its not demon that causes unrest

Who hurts human?

Who tries to kill human`s dream?

Who deprives human of his right?

Who kills human for personal gain?

HUMANS !!!!!!!!

Alas! We are the demons we dread

I enjoy my deeds but scream out loud when I am affected

I act unbothered about the oppressor`s activity

Why should I care? I am not affected

Now, the oppressor`s whip has touched me and I think I should be helped?

Lmao!!!no one is bothered too

Who is the oppressor?

I need to show I am the boss here

I need to take advantage of this position

You have to sort me or else!!

I am your lecturer and you will fail

You won`t get this job

You won`t be promoted

Why should you sleep with her before helping her?

Why are you exploiting him because he has no options?

Why are you enjoying watching another man`s struggle?

Why are you taking away ease from people?

Why are you disturbed someone is happy?

Why do you lowkey wish the relationship ends in tears?

Why are you so bitter?

I think we should leave demons and ban you

What if there are no demons in sight

Or they probably left us to deal with ourselves

We are the demons we dread

Before casting out that spirit, cast yourself


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