Aren’t You Tired – Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

Aren’t You Tired – Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

Of lies from the media
Killings and adoptions
From state to state
Oil over the blood of men
Who live in hunger and anger
Children left without a future

Aren’t you tired dear countrymen?
Tired of political irresponsibility
Deceit from warring elites
When they gather together
Leading youths against each other
To hate and to oppress
While oppressed by they
Mighty oppressors of rule of law

Aren’t you tired of their foolishness
Their pretends to be true leaders
While these nations are on fire
Burning into dust for greed
Like fireworks on a graveyard

Aren’t you ashamed of the coat of arm?
Where is your pride hanging on?
Another loan, weaker currency
Criminalized identity, unemployment
Poor infrastructure, pure darkness

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Aren’t you tired already!
Silence in the massacre of youths
Have you forgotten so soon
Military tanks in protest ground
Night when hope was deflowered
Bloodstain on worthless flag

Aren’t you tired of dying like flies?
Why pretending there is a future
For this contraption called Nigeria?
What are you scared of?_ speak up!

Let the tripod fall apart
Let nations govern themselves
In accordance to their philosophies
If you aren’t tired my beloved brother
I am tired of being placed below cows

Tired of seeing ugly faces in offices
Monsters in white sparkling Agbada
Masquerading as saviours of the people
Rise above dark clouds oh! bleeding Sun!
For my kids unborn to be truly free
To live and achieve their brilliant dreams
So if my spirit must rest in peace
It shall in the garden of ecstasy.

(c) Membis Okorie Chukwukamma


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