AYO HAS A BOYFRIEND – Inufin Ayomide

AYO HAS A BOYFRIEND – Inufin Ayomide
AYO HAS A BOYFRIEND – Inufin Ayomide

AYO HAS A BOYFRIEND – Inufin Ayomide

Ayo has a boyfriend but the society seems to understand,
$he’s barely Fourteen and $he has gone out of hand,

Her looks is deceiving, deceitfully, $he looks like a grown up lady,
$he decided to go mad cos the society has gone crazy.

Ayo has a boyfriend, from Him $he learnt caressing and smooching,
The one who drives Her crazy and leave Her tyres screeching,
Life ain’t fair until Ayo started bleaching,
Just to look attractive for Him, a way to pierce through His heart and keep the tread stitching.

“Train Your child in the way of the lord!” The preacher always preaching,
The home is training but $he wouldn’t listen,
$he talks back at dad when he’s speaking,
And $he don’t care if mom is talking and weeping.

Ayo has a boyfriend but the society seems to understand,
$he’s soon to turn Fourteen and desires to stand Her own ground,
$he’s in school only to buy vanity and sell crap,
Running around frivolities, covering virtually the whole lap.

Dressed in uniform from home
while a party dress is hidden in Her school bag,
But when wisdom is not fashionable, foolishness becomes a fool’s swag,
$he want to feel among and $he must not lag
Corrections keeps correcting but Ayo will always nag.

Ayo has a boyfriend and the society seems to understand,
He taught Her how to smoke, drink and sniff the contraband,
Taught Her how to sexchat and make love,
And during school hours,
she’s with him in a hotel room where they always make love,
Always telling her she has sex appeals
And repeatedly, they had sex and pills.

Ayo has a boyfriend who turned her dreams into a nightmare,
It used to be a Werewolf now, the Wolf has nothing to wear,
The naked truth went ahead before she went nude,
She couldn’t understand the Karma until the after sex pills destroyed Her fallopian tube.

Her system is too young to run heavy drugs,
Neimesis reigns and She’s been showered with every drop,
Ayo has a boyfriend who oversees,
But just after the aftermath, his parents flew Him overseas.

The school management advised Ayo to withdraw,
Because the hard drugs were already manifesting now, She’s in a psychiatric hospital living with Her flaws…

If Ayo never had a boyfriend,
maybe She wouldn’t have ended up like this,
But the society encouraged moral decadence and encouragement never ceased,
Her life was meant to be conjugal but the society never made it bliss,
She’s sending birds to the trees
now, the flock is holding back the breeze.

Some ‘Ayos’ out there have a boyfriend and the society understand,
$he’s giving liberty to immaturity to manifest immorality.

Only if the society realize that Ayo is too young to have a boyfriend,
Then $he will cease to understand and give a new beginning to the dead end…

Inufin Ayomide D’great


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