Ayomide Inufin D’great – Shey He No Dey Tire You?


This thing too sweet as if say he get too much sugar,
You too love sweet things, you be sweet lover,
You dey do every doable, the black and yellow, the dark and fair,
Chop this one, chop that one, your long throat no be here,

You dey eat everything like dart,
Na every hole you dey enter like rat,
You dey tear thighs — dey break hearts,
Like he don reach your side? O my dear, take heart!

We don lose count for the bodycount,
He just dey too many, I no fit count,
You sabi their mumu button, na why you get their control,
And na this your athletic sense you dey use run their parole.

You dey run am like marathon, he no dey tire you?
Shey na everytime this hunger dey wire you?
I pity you,
He go shock you when Karma wire you
Nemesis — this konji go soon catch you.

No be everything wey Abu see
he suppose chop,
A time go come when the music go die
And your hip no go hop,
Person wey get ear make hin hear,
Na wetin you sow, you go wear.

No go chop the thing wey go choke you for throat
Abi the one wey go sink your lifeboat…


Ayomide Inufin D’great
IG: @ayomide_dgreat


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