Ayomide Inufin D’great – BADAGRY IS A MEMORY OF A LOST People


how much more can history get pathetic?

Culture dies every time a body thuds &

it’s being thrown into the Atlantic,

this is how much the waterways ate our brothers,

declining descents; the last of our dying forefathers,


history enveloped our chronicles & fed us with blackmail,

in painful tears they chorused, in shackles & chains; the ship sailed;

with stolen art & freedom,

the waters waved goodbye to a people & identities that may never return,

they found a new home & lost legitimacy,

became unknown as they fought to own a face like pageantry,

the rise to relevance; the fall of a dynasty,

home became a place of estrangement,

as tradition brittles into dark abolishment,


the black race is a timeline of confusion,

a school of thought with too many strayed institutions,

like broken puzzles scattered everywhere;

tales of damaged stories; wanting its justification to be aired,

so they sound like favoured fugitives;

who sought an asylum to flee from their stranded relatives,


how sweet or sour,

grace found a worthless like me,

at least,

i’m not in my alienated home where an opportunity is oligarchy & chances are slim,

the evil that once was ripped my pedigree off me,

what then is nostalgia if I don’t understand its definite longings?


To retrace our steps back home is a long walk to provenance,

on a lost train of thought found between ancestral derail & providence,

we are trying to live past the wounds but its effects still ripples,

for our existence is a memory of a lost people…


Ayomide Inufin D’great


IG: https://www.instagram.com/ayomide_dgreat?r=nametag


Mail: ayomideinufin007@gmail.com


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