Bankrol Hayden And Lil Baby Drops Emotional Visual “Drop A Tear”


Bankrol Hayden and Lil Baby drops “Drop A Tear” video.

Modesto, California rapper Bankrol Hayden has teamed up with Lil Baby for the visuals to their previously released joint “Drop A Tear.” The somber cut deserved an equally matching visual representation, and Blank Square Production painted that picture flawlessly. Aside from Hayden wandering through the cemetery, the majority of the shots capture the two rappers expressing their deepest thoughts surrounding the loss of a loved one while at the alter. While we are not able to see who is in attendance, the closed casket paired with the tragedy in the eyes of the minister proceeding, are all the details we need to understand the moment.

The Quality Control rapper, who has been dominating the album charts since the start of the year, is all too familiar with the concept. During a recent interview with GQ, Lil Baby spoke on the loss of one of his dear friends, Lil Marlo, as well another associate on the same day that Marlo was laid to rest.

As for the 19-year-old Hayden, he recently spoke of his thought process behind the song to Complex Magazine. He said, “When I was making this album, I was going through really hard times. A family member was very ill. That experience made me realize that everyone in your life isn’t going to be around forever. I had to come to terms with that. Family means a lot to me, so much that I had to write ‘Drop a Tear.’ Making music like this helps me, my family and my fans get through hard times and come out stronger.”

The song was included on the rapper’s 11 track project titled Pain Is Temporary, which was released back in June.

Bankrol Hayden And Lil Baby Drop a tear Visual Bankrol Hayden And Lil Baby Drop a tear Visual


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