Barcelona players react to Gundogan criticising them publicly

Find out how Barcelona players reacted to İlkay Gündoğan’s public criticism of their implosion in the Champions League exit to PSG.

Barcelona’s players have reacted to İlkay Gündoğan’s latest public criticism following their Champions League exit. Gündoğan’s blunt comments on Ronald Araújo’s red card stirred reactions within the squad, shedding light on the tensions within the team.

Gündoğan’s Unfiltered Critique

After Barcelona’s disappointing Champions League defeat, İlkay Gündoğan did not hold back in his assessment of his teammate Ronald Araújo’s pivotal red card.

The midfielder expressed his frustration, stating, ‘”If he fouled him I guess it’s a red card. I haven’t seen the replay. But in these kind of crucial moments, you need to be sure to get the ball and if you can’t get it — again, I’m not sure if he got the ball or not — you have to stay away.”

Gündoğan emphasised the detrimental impact of early red cards, highlighting the need for better decision-making under pressure.

Barcelona players

Teammates’ Support and Locker Room Dynamics
Contrary to past incidents of public criticism within the Barcelona squad, many players rallied behind Gündoğan’s comments this time. Diario AS reported, “Many teammates have supported his words, thus confirming the wound that the defeat against PSG has opened in the locker room.”

This reported display of solidarity showcases the depth of emotions stirred by recent defeats and the shared sense of responsibility among the players. Despite previous calls for explanation, Gündoğan was not pressed to justify his outspoken remarks on this occasion.


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