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The days gone bye where good old days
Cultures even, were melodic in ways
Things were used for their purpose
Words of elders, were never opposed
So much of lies wasn’t common
Cause of the fear of been summon
Staying out late, was never for kids
Else punishment will justify their deeds
Horror movies got children shivering,
Cause the fear will last till evening
Everyone hurries to church on Sundays
Religious activities where planned from Monday
Advice was the most important gift
We were ready to listen, even on one feet
Dramas were educating and entertaining
Idols were responsible and motivating
When music was still on gramophone
When there was nothing like telephone
Time moved slowly with ease
Music were melodic like the buzz from bees
Leaders never encouraged violence
Let’s not for our heroes,a moment of silence

Let’s bring it to now, there are worst to tell
Like how the sun hits like we live in hell
How cocks oversleep, then crows 12noon
How the sun fight for spot with the moon
How there’s huge rainfall in January
How there’s much hatred on the 14th of February
Kids smoke and parents asked them ‘hope that won’t hurt you’ ?
Couples break up and tell each other ‘I still love you’
Drugs now common like food in the market
Two seconds, adolescents consumes alcohol filled in a bucket
Horrors movies are like comic movies
Birthday present for kids is now S.U.V
Every Sunday seems too worldly
Demons claiming to be too godly
We don’t eat much of protein anymore
We now rely on indomie and golden morn
Social network has become an aspect of life
From ‘hi to hello’ that’s how we find our wife
Young girls can’t cook soup like okro
Thumbs up to genesis and Kilimanjaro
Young boys sagging their trousers
Influence of celebs from their insta browser
They look at their phones than people
Exposes their bodies, even up to their nipple
Every act is getting too dramatical
Economy is becoming too economical
I just pray humans doesn’t become technological.

Yeye blogger
Yeye bloggerhttps://naijahotstars.com/
Being a blogger is the best thing that has ever happen to me. When i'm off duty as a blogger i'm on the field shooting every living thing on sight with my Camera SMILES!. Feel free to follow me on social media let's link up.

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