Ayomide Inufin D’great – Behind A Successful Woman is Her Back Like Hunch


a wake up call from cultural slumber,
eyes opened to unveil her hidden hamper,
out of the cage & curiosity,
to own a voice in her society,
of beautiful brains, egoistic elegance,
slim surrogacy, fat bank accounts,
vibrant voices… superficial shenanigans,

they woke up to become a woman of dreams, ethics & values,
big aunties with big antics & hullabaloos,
to become omegas of the alpha male,
HR with a company of policies,
to own themselves, musical chairs, silverware… to be golden as hell,
sexists who have casual sex then go online to swindle what sex is,
to be undomesticable — wild & free,
to be herself; to be her glee,
to marry her wills; conjugal of a beautiful bliss.

So they say;
empowered women empower women,
to give her skin & make her human,
freedom of freewill; the traditional theatre of slaughter,
patriarchy — father of all murder,
feminism; a liberation from conventional jargon,
she’s the testimony of an escapist,
a lost cause who found its missing keys,
the rise of new beings — the power & glory of becomings,
to crumble customs & break the bias,
hence, yesterday is a closing coffin, alas!

She had to wake up from cultural slumber,
to realize the dream that seek answers,
of queries subtly sleeping in the consciousness of mankind,
to gaslight the beacon of womankind,
the rude awakening of dormant dreams,
to align the lines & to put the past behind,

so, behind a successful woman:
is a will that couldn’t power down,
a broken barrier, breakthrough that refused to breakdown,
dreams of travesty that became the reality of fantasies,
she woke up to realize she can become a great many things…


written by Ayomide Inufin D’great
IG: https://www.instagram.com/ayomide_dgreat

Mail: ayomideinufin007@gmail.com


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