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They said we should go to school
That education is the tool
They said we should serve the country
Making every step count like pageantry
They said tomorrow belongs to us
Sometimes it feels ‘good luck’ is a curse

Nigeria, a 21st century joke
Burnt hopes,still our flag is the smoke
With three religions,
Christianity, Islam and politics
When they’re in need,
‘Let’s contribute for our Reverend’
When we’re in need,
‘Let’s pray for our brethren’
One love yet they kill Christianity
Suicidal bombings in their community
One currency, foreign accounts
Same price, lots of miscount

Education is the key,
And our schools are locked
Future leaders,
Ours freedom is blocked
Police killing youths regardless
‘Officer I’m not a yahoo boy’, ‘that’s your business’
Job opportunities and tribalism
‘My cousin is better’, all hail nepotism
Application letter becomes useless like J.S.S. certificate
Or useless after buying admission like universities aggregate

Breaking news, headlines still the same
Five killed, yet they said one, with no name
Democracy is free,
But our blood is the price
Support our campaign,
For a cup of rice
My lung is heavy from political pollutions
Unending tribunal and criminal conclusion
Fuel price growing, like it’s made of protein
Just to make profits, from their hidden gasoline
Refineries has been privatized
To westerners, our stupidity we advertise

Candles shines brighter than electricity
Patients begging for hospitality
Youths becoming slaves to their freedom
Begging for space in their kingdom
We’re like a curse
Making me a slave these verses
Ignorance has been our disease
Pain has become our disease

We are all going the wrong way
Yet we stay silent and calm all day
Years later, who knows
We might import water, Lord knows
Then, we will come to Realization
Or put an end to this affliction
And a new dawn will break
For our gracious homeland to awake
But one thing I know, day or night,
Is that I’ll write, until we’re right.

Yeye blogger
Yeye bloggerhttps://naijahotstars.com/
Being a blogger is the best thing that has ever happen to me. When i'm off duty as a blogger i'm on the field shooting every living thing on sight with my Camera SMILES!. Feel free to follow me on social media let's link up.

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