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Ce’Cile Bans Unvaccinated People From Her Home As Delta Variant Reaches Jamaica

Ce’Cile says don’t come to her house if you’re not vaccinated.

The dancehall deejay says she has been indoors since the Covid-19 pandemic started because she is asthmatic and at risk of complications should she contract the virus. As such, Ce’Cile says she has ensured that she is vaccinated because it could be her best chance of fighting the virus. The artiste’s post comes following the announcement by the Jamaican government on Wednesday that twenty-two cases of the Delta Variant of the Covid-19 virus was detected among the island’s population.

Jamaica is presently going through its third wave of the pandemic, and the government has been scrambling to convince Jamaicans to take the vaccines available. In spite of having thousands of various vaccines on the island, vaccine hesitancy remains high as dozens of people have died over the last two months.

Within the dancehall community, anti-covid-19 conspiracies are rampant, but more people are becoming infected and changing their minds as they urge persons to get the vaccine, one such person being Skatta Burrell, who recently revealed that he had the virus and had a difficult time fighting it off.

There are a few, however, in the dancehall community like Ce’Cile who believes the only way to end the pandemic is by getting vaccinated.

“So… as of July 2, 2021 I was fully vaccinated. I took the AstraZeneca. Of course I was hesitant about taking this new vaccine but I don’t see a way forward without it If I’m to look at the big picture. I’m not encouraging anyone who doesn’t want to take it, but I’d encourage people to look at the research and see if there is another way coming out of this with our lives and our businesses and our houses and our savings without being able to get back to life OUTSIDE…OR if you think there won’t be a third wave and a fourth wave and more lockdowns and less face to face schools without vaccination,” the deejay said while explaining her reasons for taking the jab.

Ce’Cile added that persons will have to take the vaccine inevitably.

“The reality is many people are dying, more will die, many of us will lose EVERYTHING. If it’s only a matter of delaying and denial until the USA says you can’t travel without it, or until our kids are so behind in schools, or until we have lost everything then maybe we need to rethink.”

The dancehall artist also said unvaccinated are not welcomed to her home.

“I’m no longer allowing people in my homes without them being vaccinated. I simply cannot afford to… I’ve seen how even friends of mine have been careless and nonchalant and In DENIAL about Covid until THEY CAUGHT IT. And had I been a different careless person or not vaccinated I probably would have been around them and caught it but the difference was I HAVE ASTHMA and I may not have been as lucky as they were to [overcome] it,” the dancehall deejay added.

The “Can You Do The Work” artist shared that she has not been able to work due to the lockdown and her underlying conditions, and that has affected her finances. However, she says that personal responsibility is key to moving forward.

“I looked at THAT N realized each of us has the responsibility not just for ourselves but each other. I’m still wearing my mask, still staying in as much as possible and getting broker by the minute.”

Meanwhile, some of her fans took her to task over her post as many reminded her that the vaccines are not completely foolproof when it comes to the virus, as the Center for Disease Control says that vaccinated persons can still contract the virus and spread it.

However, Ce’Cile shared information from the CDC that noted that a vaccinated person might be able to fight the virus much better than an unvaccinated person who may, unfortunately, die, as has been the case for a number of deaths in Jamaica so far.

She urged people, even vaccinated ones, to still exercise caution.

“I came back to add: if you are vaccinated it doesn’t mean u [cant] catch covid..dont be careless. I’ve never seen any Vaccination info that stated 100 [efficacy]…none…….vaccination prevents u from contracting the virus up to a high percentage …but in the event u do,, ure body is likely to fight it, as opposed to if you were not vaccinated….however still wear your mask…social distance, same way, cause if you are out and about behaving risky you are at some risk of catching and passing the virus on as well.”

The dancehall artiste, who is well known for her social commentary on issues in Jamaica, received support from a number of other figures in dancehall, including the likes of Mr. Lexx.


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