Davolee – I Pray (Lyrics)

O cho cho cho cho
Pe Rodo Rodo
Ogologo ogooo
O cho cho cho chooo

Oluwa malo cover me lowo aye
To ni car ti o jo gba mi
And some have food cannot eat
But if I can’t eat I’m on cannabis
Allah ki a mo
They say they love me I can’t see that love
I feel myself, I can’t feel among
Am on drugs paracetamol
You see the kinda life we live
Momentum time and season
Recessions while am fishing
But, I can’t stop rara ni si
I know my voice is not spectacular
But when I do my thing am non human
Not regular
To use money Dey make money
No be 100 meters
I pray less hustle big money come my way
Mommy call again, won ni rora shey
Jo omo mi dakunn
We live to fight another battle
Shaluala ko shey asalatu

See anytime, could be anybody time
When e reach your turn make you Dey for sun dust, Imole ma ton
You never can tell how the universe discover you
Cherish your garri
Oloju meji lo’mo eniyan
Uncountable eye ni ti oluwa
Hustle and no dey panic
As you dey trust on God make you dey push am
Ama fewe jewe mi o go ra mi
Mi o fowo shere
For here we no dey play
A o bowo le ama fi owo to le


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